SALE!! We over made, you SAVE!

Items in this category are short dated, meaning they have a shelf life of under 12 months, up to 3 months.  May be slightly imperfect.  Sold as is- sales final.

Do you have an event coming up?  Putting together goodie-bags?  The pups don't mind what the cookie looks like, they love the taste!

We over made... you Save! 

Dont Delay! Quantities are LIMITED.  When you place an order, it is not guaranteed they are still in stock, we will drop it off of your order. 

These items are sold with no guarantees, if the designs are "off" and un-sellable, put them in your last chance sale area at a reduced rate.  OR break them up and hand the cookies out as marketing samples.

Turkey - 20 Ct Case (SALE)


Lil Barkley's Circles (DC)

 $22.80 $20.00

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