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Should the treats be refrigerated?


Pawsitively Gourmet treats are best kept at room temperature.  Do not freeze nor refrigerate, it will cause the yogurt design to crack.

 Keep out of direct sunlight. 

In the extreme hot or cold temperatures: we ask that you leave the shipping box for a minimum of an hour in a moderate temperature area of your store.

Let the product settle to room temperature before opening the cases of cookies.

What is the shelf-life of Pawsitively Gourmet Cookies?

12 Months

If I order ahead, How long do they last?

Our products arrive to you with 12 month shelf life.  

(some restrictions apply- look at the label)

STORAGE: keep away from bagged dog food and seed products. Store in Regular HVAC temperature of your store.


When ordering cookies and you are not ready to put them out for sale yet... Keep them in the layering and case box.  Away from direct sunlight.  Place in a cool dry area. 



If I place my order today when will I receive it?

Due to the ongoing challenges with logistics, manufacturing and other current situations, our lead time is currently around 3 to 4 weeks.

Do you have suggestions on how to sell Your products?

A well stocked case will sell more cookies. Keep your bakery case stocked! Nobody wants to purchase the last doughnut at the bakery. 

It's been proven Time and Time again; when the case is nice and full you sell more.  Check out how stores around the country set up their bakery cases by clicking here and  visiting our Facebook Page. 


Pricing: Most of our bulk bakery are sold in cases of 20 cookies, we offer what we call "line pricing" for bulk bakery cookies, taking the guess work out of set up.  When Using the keystone method of pricing as a rule of thumb, retail pricing around the country ranges from $2.50 - $2.99 for regular bakery.  

Having the cookies up front at the registers, in your "impulse profit center" creates a successful model.

I live in a warm state, are my cookies going to melt?

Probably not. Pawsitively Gourmet cookies are made to withstand the heat. Be sure to keep them out of direct sun though.  We ship ALL YEAR round.

We ask that when you receive your shipping box, leave it sit for 4 hours in your air conditioned store, Don't open: let the product settle before opening the cases of cookies (This goes for extreme cold weather also :-).

Do you use flavoring?

Pawsitively Gourmet treats are made with Real Sweet Potato.  We do not use flavoring. 

Are the cookies decorated by machine?

Every Pawsitively Gourmet treat is hand decorated. 

Can I get sports team names or logos on cookies?

Pawsitively Gourmet takes copy write and trademark laws very seriously. We can accommodate custom color requests as long as the do not infringe on any registrations.

Can I get custom cookies?

We can accommodate many custom requests. Custom orders are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Email us with your questions.  Provide your inspiration pictures, like your logo, etc...

Email address: sales@pawsitivleygourmet.com


What happens if a cookies breaks in shipment?

Pawsitively Gourmet cookies are packed to arrive at your store in the same condition they leave our bakery. In the unlikely event of breakage, just let us know. Call or email us within two business days to report, Email pictures of the damages to sales@pawsitivelygourmet.com.  We will be happy to issue credit towards your next order.  Generally when it is one or two cookies stores tend to damage it out; use as marketing samples, or feed to the store pets.

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