Individually Wrapped:Please Read Below before adding to your cart.

Type which style of cookies in the special notes section, in the Check out Screen. Please make sure we have your day time phone number to ask questions if we need to call you to clarify your order.

Order each style in minimum of 20 per style. The price of each starts at $1.40 ($1.60 for premium)

PLEASE ALLOW extra time for packaging/production: up to 2 weeks, (14 business days).

The following is a list of shapes that do NOT fit into this style of packaging.
Mason Jar/Mugs/Butterfly/Bee/Coffee/Latte/Lobster/Hearts/Cannoli/6in Bones/ Turkey/ Pawno Noir/the wine bottle/ Houses/Leaf/T-shirt / Sweaters/ IceSkate/ Popsicle/ Hats/ Moose/ Rudolph/ Envelope/Nutcracker/ ice cream pops/ shark/ Llama

We do not individually wrap Wheat-Free cookies, nor Shortbread Mini's

Cookies in image is Only an example of what the individually wrapped cookie looks like.  Individually wrapped cookies are sold in Qty of 20 (or more) per style.

Individually Wrapped- sealed Cookies (20ct)


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